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Talent matters in business and life. As it is known human capital is the most important type of capital. That is why management, human resources and coaching are so valuable, but at the same time, so hard, in business world.

It is a cliché, but it is also true that people build your business. Therefore, as they say there is war for talent, however, picking the right people and building well-functioning teams, it is not an easy job.

At the same time, orientation, and career development, especially, at the early steps is as much important as openings in chess! A winning opening can make the difference in life. Of course, there are always opportunities for change, in business and life – try and error is the evolutionary approach that everyone must embrace. But, choosing the right direction at the very beginning is much more effective than changing constantly fields, studies and, generally, directions.

We provide a talent assessment tool for career development and talent profiling which is innovative, and it is based on brainstorming and storytelling which are so powerful on human creativity and personal development.

All you need is roughly twenty-five, thirty minutes to try out our brainstorming type questionnaire. This is a standardized questionnaire which is split up into seven sections : Temperament, Individuality, Culture, Interaction, Communication, Character and, Skills. Each section has statements, not necessarily questions, which are accompanied with several standardized options as answers. So, the respondent chooses for each statement the options which mostly agree with.

There are no restrictions at this process, the key point in brainstorming is not to influence the respondent but to unfold his mindset, otherwise, the results would be biased. The respondent’s choices are analyzed with natural language processing tools and the output is visualized with My WordCloud and My Clusters visualizations.

Each visualization is a story and represents, solely, the respondent. It is his unique talent fingerprint!     

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