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Talent Management, Career Development

Brainstorming Questionnaire

Brainstorming is a process to unfold your mindset and/or come up with new ideas. However, our mindset, largely depends on the context. Meaning that interaction plays an important role in innovative, creative and, even, original, thinking.

The brainstorming questionnaire consists of statements which symbolize totally different meanings or actions. At the introduction, before the questionnaire, there is a quick description for each section.

Every respondent should take his time so as to choose the answers that he mostly agrees with. Usually, it takes around 30’ but there is no time restriction.

Nope. Our brainstorming questionnaire is a general-purpose talent profiling questionnaire which addresses university or college students, early professionals and managers or executives.

Career Development

We are working on other brainstorming questionnaires about specific professional categories and study fields such as development, sales, management, business, and other popular ones.

The Student option «My Plan» provides talent profiling with the wordcloud visualizations. The Professional option «My Career» adds a custom talent analysis for the respondent which returns a new visualization by comparing his talent profiling with the answers of other professionals.

Absolutely. These are your unique talent fingerprint which also offer great experience to the reader.

For the moment we do not provide this option to the respondents. However, you can ask any question related to your talent profiling by using our Contact Page.

Business package «My Business» is a custom solution for businesses which focuses on team development.

Qualitative Analysis

Our qualitative analysis on talent assessment has led us to publish concept papers proposing a new approach for talent profiling. We aspire our research to improve and transform HR for business and organizations.

Nope. That is why the qualitative approach at the right context is so important in human capital from any point view. Brainstorming and Storytelling are powerful and natural in business and life, however, they are contextual, meaning that they are not coming out of thin air.

It depends. The results are derived by respondent’s answers meaning that if you have not well-understood the statements or if you change your mind the results might differ. However, your talent fingerprint is the big picture which implies that your story would express your own mindset through the process of brainstorming. Our mindset does change, but it takes time, knowledge, and experience.

Of course, it is possible. However, statistically, this could not happen by chance. A respondent has similar results with somebody else who shows the same mindset. Similarity is an important factor on team development and group analysis.

Talent Profiling

We use natural language processing to analyze the answers of each respondent. The data analysis process and the visualizations are real-time once the respondent submit his questionnaire.

The My WordCloud is the visualization which corresponds to the big picture of the respondent. Meaning that it does nοt separate respondent’s answers according to their sections.

My Clusters is a clustered wordcloud which is created by the analysis of the seven sections of the questionnaire separately. Therefore, this visualization considers the sections of the questionnaire instead of the My WordCloud which does not.

The talent profiling with the brainstorming  questionnaire provides the respondent with his general orientation and inclination. The bigger words in visualizations represent the mindset of the respondent. People discover their talent fingerprint by reading their story telling in a visualization.